@ShareText PRO

Upgrading to a PRO account unlocks many cool features!

True Random Number Generator — 23.12.21

Generate one or more random numbers within a range that you define.

1000 members — 04.12.21

We are very happy for this, thank you for supporting ShareText.

Online Notepad — 17.10.21

There are a lot of reasons which will shift you from the ordinary Notepad towards the Online Notepad.

PRO account — 03.09.21

Upgrading to a PRO account unlocks many cool features!

Statistics summary for your account — 10.08.21

Registered users are able to check statistics summary for their articles.

Default settings for new notes — 01.08.21

If you create many notes on ShareText.me it may be useful to you to change some default options.

ShareText.me reach 10.000 notes — 06.07.21

We are delighted to announce this. To achieve this result is thanks to the great effort from users.

We provide one-click backup of notes — 04.07.21

The function is currently only available to registered members.

I forgot my note password, what can I do? — 18.06.21

Notes password is encrypted before sending to our server. So we can't see them.

Share private notes by link — 01.06.21

Now, after publishing article, on the Links section you can find Private link that can be easily shared with other people.

Tagging for articles — 30.05.21

Registered users can now add tags to their own articles. This allows to easily combine similar publications.

Shorteners for monetization are forbidden — 30.04.21

Any monetized shortened links are prohibited on ShareText system.

Description for articles — 23.04.21

Registered users can now add description to their own articles.

Password protected notes — 10.03.21

Now we are happy to say that password protected notes are back.

Expire article content after reading — 12.02.21

Today we present another cool option: Expire after reading.

ShareText Update v2.9 — 11.02.21

Thank you for using our service.

Folders for members — 10.02.21

Hot on the heels of release is our Folders for all feature.

Set expiration date for your publications — 01.01.21

Many users asked us to introduce option to expire notes after some specified time.