There are a lot of reasons which will shift you from the ordinary Notepad towards the Online Notepad. Firstly, an Online Notepad will not use the resources of your computer. In this situation, your memory is conserved. Most importantly convenience is the key factor here.

You can use it whenever and wherever you want. From now you do not have to open your PC for creating some text files. Just one click on the website and it is here.

So just focus on your typing. You can save all your to-do lists, scripts and everything else you wish for. Mainly, it provides protection for your precious note. This is a simple application and works smoothly.


The more plain area keeps you away from any distraction letting you just focus on your work. You are provided with a workspace to pen down all your thoughts and ideas that flow in your mind. The smooth typing makes you work more comfortably.

How it's work?

Everything is saved on the server so you do not have to worry for more space on your device that is another one of the major requirements of the people.

As people are more concerned about the safety and privacy of their content above all, this application boosts you with three features to keep your record safe with you.

Just create public, private and password protected notes and publish on Sharing Text.

Sharing Text application gives you three preferences to save your work. You can choose to save your work as the public that is visible to anyone.

You can choose to put a title for it as well. Next, you get is private, with the help of which your note is saved as private and unlike public, this is visible to only the one you share the link. Therefore, the link is essential to view the private note.

Password Protected Notes

The third preference you get is to keep your note protected with a password. But here this application provides you with a different way of having password protection.

You are not supposed to just type a password as most of the other normal applications rather the note will be accessible to the user if the user gives the correct answer of the asked question.

The third preference of saving your data lets you enter a question that will be displayed when someone tries to access your note, and you are also supposed to provide a suitable answer to it of your choice.

The answer will be required to enter by the user accessing that private note when the question will be displayed on the screen.

As soon as you are finished with your write up, you are provided with all these preferences and upon choosing any one of them as per your need, you are required to select submit option available just below it. This application is very convenient to access even for all first-time users worldwide.