Read this rules before buy account ✅1.1 loss Link after payment you got all data ( Facebook / Gmail / twitter / appleID / Email ) etc you have 24 Hours for change password, phone, mail, etc if you loss your link we are not responsible for your account ! ✅1.2 return policy the account must not be blocked. on the account must be saved in-game items that were present during the sale. no more than 10 days have passed from the date of sale. not a single link should be lost on your account. unauthorized persons should not enter the account, only the owner. the account should not be placed in order to sell on other sites (strictly checked) the account should not have been logged in via PC / ROOT devices (strictly checked) In case of violation of any of these points, the refund will be refused !!! ✅1.3 ban Account in case of account blocking for 10 minutes or 1 day or 3 days or a week or month or 10 years we are not responsible for your account we will not make a refund even if the blocking was temporary ✅1.4 attempted deception of the seller if you make a refund on your own after receiving an account, we will block the account and add you to the black list of buyers! if you try to deceive the seller with fake - a check for payment or fake - with a screenshot we will add you to the black list of buyers! if you slow down the deal and postpone the purchase we will add you to the black list of buyers! ✅1.5 Payment method we accept ONLY 3 payment method skrill🌺 world and safe money transfer like PayPal bitcoin🔶 speed and secure money transfer, easy to buy, easy to send TransferWise🔷 world bank transfer, accept all bank cards, like western union these payment systems guarantee the safety of transactions from the side of the seller and from the side of the buyer, the transaction can be canceled at any time and your funds will be returned to your account! we use fully identified wallets, which guarantees 100% security of the transaction